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Two Birds is a positive and supportive community of humble people who push each other every session Рwith a smile on their face! We believe in a holistic approach to fitness with varied and exciting full body workouts that will not only burn fat and build muscle but promote an extremely high calorific after-burn. Interactive, fun and exciting group classes, small group personal training and yoga classes; all delivered by motivating Two Birds coaches who will help guide you towards a happier and healthier lifestyle through a personal approach. Our unique training styles deliver fast results and are suitable for all levels of fitness and ability.

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Choose from our range of membership options to suit your lifestyle and join the humble Two Birds community!

Core Membership

Core Membership = 3 group training sessions per week (access to 12 group training sessions per month). Attend our signature group workouts EARLYBIRD30, PEAK30 and PEAK45. This allows you to choose from our diverse timetable of 30 and 45 minute exciting personal trainer led sessions and enjoy 3 classes max per week. Join the Two Birds community burn, build and create a better you!

£55.00 / month

Enhanced Membership

Access every class! The Enhanced Membership allows you to experience a unique 30 or 45 minute group sessions everyday, 3 Yoga sessions per week and daily Open Gym time slots. Book in, show up and put in the work! Oh and a free speciality coffee never went a miss! *Membership excludes Focus Sessions (small group personal training, included in Unlimited Membership).

£65.00 / month

Unlimited Membership

Reach your potential with zero limits. Benefit from our exclusive Focus Sessions; small group personal training at a fraction of the price. Work on compound lifts, mobility and fat loss with a friendly Two Birds coach. Plus a full weekly timetable of exciting group training, yoga and open studio to choose from.

£75.00 / month

14 Day Trial Membership

Call it a holiday! Get all the benefits of an Enhanced Membership package squeezed into a sweaty and smiley 2 week trial pass. Test the water and experience a diverse range of group training, yoga and boxing focused sessions in a premier training facility before deciding if you want to join the family!

£25.00 for 2 weeks

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PEAK45 - Our signature workout is here!

Its time to train in style! You can now experience fun and interactive group training, suitable for all fitness levels. PEAK45 is a unique 45 minute full body workout that caters to all abilities. Using intervals on premium cardio equipment paired with dumbbell, kettlebell and bodyweight movements – all taken at your own pace. Burn fat, build muscle and transform your body whilst having fun!

Our Philosophy

Endurance Cardiovascular Strength Power Flexibility Community Enjoyment Nutrition

RolloverTap for meaning

Our diverse Philosophy Barcode is our DNA. Split by the key principles of fitness we believe in and the vital elements that help us refuel and continually improve. Rollover each bar to find out about that unique value.


Built for life! We realise there is much more to life than fitness and thats why our range of high quality clothing and handy products have been crafted to be stylish and durable.


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